Various links that have helped me research MTS.

City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium.  This document by Theodore B. Sachs, M.D., one of the founders of the sanitarium, provides a complete history of the founding of the sanitarium and a description of its facilities. It was published in 1915, the year the sanitarium opened.

“Creating a Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium by Referendum,” by Frank E. Wing. The legislative history that led to the establishment of the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium.

1917 Annual Report of the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Begins on page 43 of this document.

Tuberculosis Directory, 1914.

“North Park Village: Readaptive Use of a Closed Hospital,” by Joseph D. Kubal. Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society. Vol. XXIX. Fall 1987. Number 2.  Provides a thorough history of the institution and its redevelopment into a public park.

Peterson Park.  On section of the grounds of the former MTS are now Peterson Park, a public recreation area run by the Chicago Park District.

A history of Edwards Hospital provides background information about Dr. Theodore B. Sachs, who was buried on the grounds of the hospital.


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